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Our Services

  • Provide reliable and cost-effective simulation based solutions to the complete satisfaction of the customer
  • Provide training and support to get started with OpenFOAM
  • Benchmark and validate real life problems using OpenFOAM to build confidence in terms of solver robustness, accuracy and reliability
  • Develop automated / customized  application specific software

Our Mission

Provide quality services, end to end solutions and resource optimization through automated /customized software and training


Our Vision

Optimization of simulation resources and its democratization


Our Competency

  • CFD Consulting
  • Domain expertise in automotive, oil & gas, chemical & process, power  sector and defence
  • Development of automated / customized software based on OpenFOAM
  • OpenFOAM workflow implementation
  • Benchmarking and validation of industrial  problems using OpenFOAM
  • CFD and OpenFOAM Training

CFD For Designers / Our Solutions

Historically, CFD simulation has remained confined at the helm of experts and analysts. However, with growing demand and more and more reliance on simulation, there is a need to make simulation tools available in the hands of designers and application engineers.

While, this has become feasible with free and open source tools that are available for everyone, but the real challenge lies in using these tools effectively.

This bottleneck can be removed by providing training and developing smart and customized applications with user friendly interface. The complexities of simulation will be completely hidden from the user and only specific inputs and outputs having terminologies used by design engineers will be used.


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