We provide simulation based solutions for  design validation,  design improvement and troubleshooting. Our experience of multiple simulation tools coupled with product knowledge helps to provide efficient solutions for Simulation Driven Product Design

Our capabilities


Rotating (MRF / Sliding Mesh)


Cyclone Separator


Porous Media (HVAC)


Non-Newtonian Fluid (Herschel Bulkley)


Conjugate Heat Transfer

Automation / Customization

We help clients  migrate to OpenFOAM based simulations for some of their applications.  OpenFOAM solver comes with a number of advantages as it is free, supports wide range of physics and is  highly cost effective for performing multiple and CPU intensive simulations

We support step by step migration to OpenFOAM as follows

  • Training to get acquainted with OpenFOAM
  • Workflow creation in OpenFOAM (Windows / Linux)
  • Validation and bench-marking. Our experience and expertise of the right settings helps to achieve the desired level of robustness and accuracy
  • Development of customized / automated GUI to efficiently harness the power of OpenFOAM


Our training program is designed to help professionals as well as students to get exposure of OpenFOAM. We provide introductory as well as advanced and customized training to suit the needs of the client

Introductory training on basics of CFD and getting started with OpenFoam

This training is designed for engineers with no or limited exposure to OpenFoam. During the course of the lecture, the participant will be given full exposure to basics of CFD (Meshing, material properties, models, discretization schemes, solver settings, boundary conditions, solution convergence, post-processing…) and how these are implemented in OpenFOAM. The structure and organization of the source code library will be discussed in detail and hands on training will be provided on simple cases involving pre-processing, solving and post-processing. At the end of the training program the participant should be capable of setting up problems on their own and get started with OpenFOAM