OpenFOAM Training


Introductory Training Schedule:

Day 1 : Session 1

 Overview of Computational Fluid Dynamics
  • Introduction to CFD
  • Governing equations
  • Fluid properties
  • Physical models
  • Boundary and Initial Conditions
  • Discretization schemes
  • Solver numeric
  • Solution convergence and residuals
  • Role of CFD in product development process and industrial applications
  • CFD workflow


Day 1: Session 2  

Overview of OpenFOAM/Pre-Processing
  • Introduction to OpenFOAM
  • Pros and cos of OpenFOAM
  • Capabilities of OpenFOAM
  • Directory structure of OpenFOAM
  • Pre-processing using SnappyHexMesh: Concepts and hands on mesh generation with prism layers


Day 2: Session 3

Hands on Internal Flow
  • Introduction to turbulence modeling and wall functions
  • Set up, solve and post-process an internal flow case
  • Compare the results with analytical solution
  • Introduction to Paraview and Post-processing


Day 2: Session 4

Hands on External Transient Flow
  • A brief overview of models, boundary conditions, discretization schemes and solvers
  • Introduction to transient simulation
  • Set up, solve and post-process an external transient flow case


Day 3: Session 5

Hands on Rotating machinery and porous media

  • Simulation objective and its application in industry
  • Modeling approach
  • Set-up, solve and post-process


Day 3: Session 6

Heat Transfer Modeling
  • Introduction to heat transfer concept
  • Modelling approach
  • Set-up and solve a conduction and convective heat transfer problem
  • Analytical validation and post-processing


Advanced Training

We also provide advanced and customized training on Multi-phase, Advance Heat Transfer, Aerodynamics, Cyclone separator and other topics